Sign System: Case Study
The overall goal with this project is to redesign the existing "Sign Monitor" system, including functionality. The team utilized design and user experience principles of minimalism ("less is more") to make the management of store pricing signage easier and simplified. A primary outcome of this work is to reduce the time necessary for training and execution of tasks in "Sign Monitor."

Sign Monitor was built on technology that hasn’t been updated since 2000 and is not supported by Windows 10. Best Buy's IT team determined the need for an upgrade of this program. Best Buy's corporate Merchandise team opted to tap the internal Retail UX team to guide the strategy and vision for the upgrade. Due to tight budget and timeline requirements, the project (normally a six-month tackle) would need to be ready for development within one to two months, from start to finish.

The refreshed and renamed Sign System is a web app, with unique versions for the mobile MC-40 device and desktop “Workstation” in each Best Buy location's back of store area. Use cases include auditing store pricing signage (for accuracy), creating batches of signs for print, printing Employee and/or Corporate sign batches, and associating products to electronic signs, called Electronic Shelf Labels (ESL) signs.
Behind the Scenes
On the left, the workstation where the desktop version of the web-app is used to print off signs. The cart with MC-40 mobile device used to assist in putting signs on the floor. An example of a Planogram which is used to determine where the product and signs go on each end-cap.
Wireframes / Prototypes

Desktop: Login and Home Screens
Desktop: Build a Sign Batch by SKU and / or by Planogram
Desktop: Build a Sign Batch by Package ID and / or Library
Desktop: Label-Maker (CD / DVD Dividers and Miscellaneous Label Making)
Desktop: Employee Batches Library and Detail Screens
Desktop: Corporate Batches Library and Detail Screens
Mobile (MC-40): Login, Home, In-Store Sign Audit
Mobile (MC-40): Create Batch with Quick Batch
Mobile (MC-40): Electronic Shelf Label (ESL) Menu; Pairing ESL with Product
Mobile (MC-40): ESL Menu; Un-Pairing ESL from Product
Mobile (MC-40): ESL Menu; Pairing ESL by Planogram
Mobile (MC-40): ESL Menu; Failing ESL Devices
Mobile (MC-40): Pair with Hip Printer; Hip Printer Menu
Mobile (MC-40): Print Price Label, Print UPC Label
Mobile (MC-40): Mobile Label-Maker (CD / DVD Dividers and Misc. Label Making)
Project Design Elements

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