Lizz Brazen
Lizz Brazen is a user experience (UX) and product designer. Lizz helps brands leverage their technologies to increase profit margins and better serve customers. She enjoys consulting with businesses large and small. Lizz is passionate about solving real problems for real people.

Lizz is an intuitive and empathetic designer. She sees opportunity and potential where others don’t. Lizz has a keen interest in emerging technology and extended reality. She is currently up-skilling in the subjects of augmentative and alternative reality and is eager to apply these skills professionally.
Lizz has a reputation for service to her community, whether designing websites for non-profits or mentoring interns. In 2021, she helped kickstart a local chapter of the international Interaction Design Association (IxDA). Lizz has also successfully mentored five emerging designers (and counting) into their first official UX roles.

Lizz enjoys the adjacent work of brand design. She graduated from Minneapolis College of Art & Design with a Bachelor of Fine Art in Graphic Design. She enjoys naming new companies/products, designing original logo brand marks, and creating identity systems. Lizz understands the intersection of branding, technology, psychology, and design. Her core philosophy is user experience is brand experience.
Lizz values authenticity first and foremost. She also believes in altruism, kindness, compassion, and courage. She believes that practicing courage means being bold, honest, and accountable to herself and others.

Lizz Brazen lives in The North—better known as Minneapolis, Minnesota—with her dog, Mila (7). She is passionate about social justice and is an active citizen. Lizz loves making friends, so don’t be shy. – If you like Silverchair (favorite band), Killer Queen (favorite arcade game), karaoke, or horses, then you’ve already got an in! She also loves making things, making friends, and making anyone and everyone laugh.
phone: (612) 227-ROCK [7625]

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