Develop is a web-based service from the Minnesota Department of Human Services, offering training and quality improvement tools to support early learning and care professionals.
As the only creative on an internal team of government program, policy, and data specialists, I lead the team through the development of this brand. The project began with an intense research phase, followed by an ideation phase. I pitched four unique and well-suited brand concepts, provided a recommendation, and asked the team to consider each and choose one. 
Moving forward with the “Total Tool” concept, the team then weighed a number of potential names for the brand, and elected one of my naming idea: “Develop”. We all agreed, “Develop” best-represents the brand-goals of promoting early childhood development, continuous quality improvement, and professional development principles. I saw the remainder of the project through a unique branding process, including brand strategy, crafting a brand persona and designing the visual brand signals.
In 2014, Develop was nominated for a government award in the State of Minnesota, called the Governor’s Continuous Quality Improvement Award.
Develop officially launched on Thursday, May 15 2014. Check out the live website here:

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