Protest Songs

This is a typographic catalog I designed of my top ten protest songs, which I created during a recent presidential election season. Throughout my childhood, I remember looking at books which my Mom had kept around primarily for their aesthetics. I chose to use typographic styles reminiscent of the politically charged 60s and 70s, as referenced in those books. Utilizing unconventional materials, I tried to convey sometimes hidden messages to the viewer. This included found official U.S. government check-printing paper (perhaps a comment on money and politics), expired Polaroid 600 film, and a Polaroid camera. – Coincidently, each of these items were found during unrelated visits to the MCAD “Free Shelf.” – I used the Polaroid camera and expired film to create a visual uniformity of my “Top-Ten Protest Songs” and the wide array of artists who wrote and performed them.

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