Doomtree Window Display

Designed a screen printed window display advertising the first album release featuring the entire Doomtree collective. Using original portrait art by Kai Benson, I created and arranged vector silhouettes of each Doomtree member. To bring it all together, I designed a few additional typographic pieces - specifically, one to advertise the date of the release, strategically placed at about eye-level. I then screen printed the work onto found cardboard, which was a material used throughout the original album artwork. This display hung for about a month, including during the album release in-store show and signing at Fifth Element in Minneapolis, Minnesota.

My screen prints along with the original black & white artwork by Kai Benson. Photo courtesy of CO Exhibitions
My prints went on to hang in an art show at CO Exhibitions, called "Wings & Teeth: The Art of Doomtree" which opened on June 26th, 2010 in Minneapolis, Minnesota. Photo courtesy of CO Exhibitions
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